Pedigree for Matt - Gch Fiveforks Geometry Matters At Kayas

GCh. Allews' Bit-A-Swe't Proud To Party

Ch. Ivy Rose Quincy Ch. Luckystars Jupiter
Ch. Lorraes Ivy Rose Dolly
Ch. Allews' Bit-A-Swet Charity Ch. Bit-A-Swet's Dream Of Allew
Allews' Unsinkable Molly B.

Ch. Fiveforks' Opal's Quite A Trick

Ch. Serenade's Little Bag Of Tricks Ch. Stardust Wizard Of Oz Of RJ
Ch. Sunglo's Moon River Serenade
Fiveforks' My Girl With A Pearl Ch. Cyn-D's Jasper Jax
Ch. Fiveforks' Nizhoni