Kayas Bostons

***  RETIRED  ***

NOVEMBER 27th, 2010



> Accomplishments: finished championship at 9 months old, taking 3 majors ad winning over top ranked specials and shown by a 7 year old girl.
She is now a junior's dog for my daughter and her owner Ariel. Ariel also wishes to complete Jewel's grand championship. The two of them have mant new adventures ahead!

BAER - Normal
Patellas - Normal
JHC DNA - Clear
Cardiac - Normal
Other Health Tests to be completed as jewel matures

Jewel is a small typey girl that is very full of herself. She thinks that she can take on the world and that she must always have her way. She regularly "annoys" the other dogs out of toys and bones with her insistent demanding that everything is hers. She is pampered and made rotten by her owner, my daughter, who is convinced that she is the most perfect thing to ever walk the planet, and everyone agrees that she is pretty darn cute. Big attitude in a small package.
Jewel Finished her championship at just over 9 months by going best of opposite sex over ranked specials. She is so cute and showy people just can't seem to take their eyes off of her!
Now that Jewel has finished her Championship, she will but shown as a special locally. Once her owner (my daughter) is old enough she will begin her career in junior handling.