Kayas Bostons

I have partnerships with dear and trusted friends where we share ownership or "co-own" a dog together. These dogs are my children, may be in my breeding program,but they don't live with me. I do this in order to keep my number of dogs manageable and insure that they are able to have all the love and care that they need.
My partners in ownership have gone on to have some wonderful accomplishments in conformation and performance. I am so proud of my friends and our dogs for everything they do.
My sincerest thanks go to these people for the care and love they give the dogs, and the true friendships that they give to me.

Rio lives with my good friends Elizabeth and Michael (www.riotbostons.com). She is currently involved in agility, therapy work, has a rally excellent title, and her canine good citizenship award.
We are so proud of Rio and her accomplishments both in and out of competitions. Rio is also the mother of Jones, Rascal and Taylor.

Co-owned with Laura Gregory. Lars is a beefy Chunky monkey. He has a very sweet easy going disposition, a massive manly head, a gorgeous outline and smoothy sound movement. He has this weird think where he backs up to you so you will scratch his butt and then he moves his head from side to side in bizarre pleasure as you are scratching him. Laura calls him "the boy with the cute caboosey" and has given him a butt fetish.

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JHC DNA- Clear  :::  Patellas- Normal  :::  CERF- Normal  :::  BAER- Normal.

Co-owned with Elizabeth Johnson (www.riotbostons.com)

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Patellas- Normal  ::  CERF-  Normal  :::  BAER-  Normal 
Bred by Ronda Whitson and Judy Queitzsch of Fivefork's and Briar Rose kennels.
Owned By Laura Gregory and Co-owned by Adrienne Hullender. Kinny is Matt's half brother (same mother) but he is nothing like him.
Kinny is not really a boston. He is an alien invader. He talks, actually forms words...weird ones! He meows like a cat, humps Laura's wedding slippers relentlessy (along with her cat and her rabbit). He will jump on your back when you are bending over like a mountain goat. When you hold him he insists that his paws are over your shoulders to he can see better. He is a snuggley little boy, and he loves his Momma Laura. I exiled him to her house because he liked to torment my puppies and pull them around by their faces constantly. If Kinny was a cartoon character He would be "Quagmire" from "Family Guy".  "Giggity giggity goo". That is Kinny. God love that little alien beast.

Co-owned with Elizabeth Johnson (www.riotbostons.com)

Co-owned with Elizabeth Johnson (www.riotbostons.com)

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Friday is going to be a therapy dog. She recieved a best puppy in show at the international show (iabca).
Bred by: Rita Salins - Owned by Todd Biondolillo & Adrienne Hullender
BAER- normal : CERF- normal :  JHC- clear : Patellas- normal
CHIC Certified.