Kayas Bostons

We have more than just dogs to be proud of here at Kayas Bostons. We have two lovely daughters that we are very proud of. Kayley is our oldest daughter who prefers to love the dogs and spoil them and wishes to be a veterinary surgeon , and the other has caught the dog show gene from her mother. This is a page devoted to Ariel and her accomplishments as a junior.

Ariel Finished her first Boston terrier "jewel" at 7 years old, before she was able to actually become a junior to compete against other kids....we threw her in the ring with adults! She also has put many points on other dogs, Genie, Peter and TJ to name a few.

Ariel finished out of the novice class in just 3 attempts, she is currently in Open Junior, where the competition is TOUGH! We are very proud of our kids and their love for the dogs. Please enjoy some photos of Ariel showing us how it is done!.
Ariel is interested in handling many different breeds of dogs. If you have a dog that you would like her to show for you, please contact me.

We have selected few of our ariel pictures to share. Please click on the pictures to expand.