Kayas Bostons

A little about me....... My name is Adrienne. I have an eye for beauty and I enjoy art. Due to my interest in animals, art, and genetics, it is only natural that I like to see proper type, health, symmetry, and temperament in my animals. If my animal lacks something, I would like to be a part in correcting it for future generations.
I have an interest in veterinary medicine and I have taken classes to further my education and knowledge of animals, specifically to help me with the care taking of my own pets. In my spare time I often research different aspects of breeding and genetics. Learning about animals and enjoying them is my full time job and the best hobby that I could ask for.

In our household we also have a couple of human kids, a harlequin macaw, noisy sun Conures, and a garden area that houses our bunnies, turtles, frogs and small pond. People often drop unwanted or orphaned animals at our home for me to "mother". My husband never knows what he may come home to next! Thankfully I am able to stay home and take care of them all, as I am self employed, and I make my own schedule.
Visitors should expect to see and hear these animals in addition to the Boston terriers when they visit.

Puppies are introduced to sounds, noises and sensations from an early age, which prepares them for unexpected and new experiences that they may encounter later on in life. Puppies are well socialized from day one, and we do everything in our power to make sure that they are ready to start their life with a new family.
I consider Boston Terriers to be the ideal pet. They are pleasing to look at, have charm, character, a wonderful sense of humor, easy grooming requirements, a gregarious nature, and an intense desire to please. Above all they are extremely intelligent with very specific personality quirks.I have owned many dogs and had experience with many breeds, all of which have had wonderful traits, but none have been exactly what I was looking for until I found Boston Terriers.

We are a patriotic family (retired Air Force), and we feel fortunate to have a small part in shaping the first American bred dog, the amazing Boston Terrier.  We are strong believers of raising well socialized and healthy babies. Health testing is done on all of our dogs to help ensure the healthiest possible puppies. Our puppies are raised inside our home with children and other pets.

Boston Terriers should never be aggressive or shy dogs and we begin socialization at an early age to help prepare the pups to become good citizens once they leave our home.
Our pups are always treated with kindness and love, as all babies should be. We only raise a litter or two a year so we can devote much time and love to our puppies. Many times we will have homes for our puppies before they are even born. If for any reason an owner cannot keep one of our dogs, it must be returned to us. Pet puppies will be sold with limited registration and with spay or neuter contract, and show potential pups will be sold on a show contract.

Please be mindful of who you purchase a pet from. Any breeder who does not perform health testing and strive for the highest quality in the breed standard should not be supported as a breeder. Many people unknowingly breed pets with undesirable traits and health problems that are easily passed down to the offspring.

In order to have the best chances at obtaining a healthy friend you should find a breeder that does health testing and is familiar with the common genetic problems of this breed. Our pups are vet checked before leaving, they will also have the appropriate shots, and wormings as prescribed by my vet.
We take all precautions to prevent congenital defects from occurring. All breeding stock is tested for cataracts, hearing and luxating patellas. If there is a problem suspected in other areas, the dog will be tested and only be bred if found to be clear of that condition.

Adrienne Hullender- Kaya Boston Terriers